Thursday, October 28, 2010

The GREAT November Holiday Card Challenge!

Yep...the designers and I have decided to host a Card Challenge that will start November 1 and run THROUGH December 5th!

But...wait...not just ONE CHALLENGE....this is TWENTY CHALLENGES in TWENTY DAYS.....with a few extra days to finish up any of the challenges!

I'm giving away grand prizes to anyone that completes TWELVE of the 20 challenges!! 

Here's the prize list so far:

  • Mini Scor It Board
  • Aunt Gerti's Garden 8x8 Scrapbook In a Box Kit
  • 2 rolls of Scor Tape
  • SEI Paper Package Glitzmas
  • and MORE!!
Are you up for it??

By the time we are done, if you completed all the challenges then you will have OVER 30 Holiday cards all complete and ready for sending out on your holiday list this year!  And there may be other prizes and mini games involved in some of the challenges!

Want a sneak peak at one of the cards I made for one of the challenges??

Really?  Well...Ok, but just a TEENY TINY SMALL SNEAK PEAK!
There......that's all I"m gonna show!!

Remember to check the Paperthreads forum for more detail!  Also, I will be posting EACH AND EVERY CHALLENGE here on my make sure you sign up for my blog feed or set yourself as a blog follower, so when I update the challenges you will be sure to get a feed to the information!!

Looking forward to crafting with you all this month!!

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