Monday, June 14, 2010

Bye Bye Friend!

This was a long weekend for our family, as we had to say goodbye to our pet dog, Riggs.

The things I remember about Riggs....
...the first day Adam brought the beast home....he was so big, I freaked!
...that first day, Cameron came home, saw the dog, and right away said, Is this my new dog?  I LOVE HIM!
...the worlds nearly biggest dog whimpering at my feet during a thunderstorm.
...him chasing up and down the fence line, trying to get the neighbor dog to engage in a chase.
....him chasing down the bird in the house...letting it go, just so he could keep chasing it.
....taking him for walks at the lake.
....letting him swim at the lake.
....him "farting" at my feet...he had such bad gas so many about stunk me out of the home!

....playing tug of war with him. his ears would perk up at the mention of treat, snack, walk, or arugula.  Why arugula, we will never know...for some reason, he just loved that word.
....him licking our pillows until they SOAKED...I mean, seriously....he had a huge sloppy tongue, and he loved to use it on cloth!
....him walking in circles 3 times on his bed before he would lie down.
....his beautiful singing voice....if he heard a siren, the kids playing trumpet, or us howling at him, he would howl back...with a big long hoooooowwwwwwwllllll. he had to sneeze whenever he got excited or was getting ready to sing for us.  he has sneezed  over many of our friends!
....did I forget to mention him farting...and what a terrible smell they were?

all in all, Riggs was a great dog....he lived a wonderful 12 years of age...more than a complete life span for a giant breed dog, and he is already missed greatly by the kids.

Riggs found the steps in the family room just the right height to use as a head rest when sleeping!

Picture of Riggs taken in April 2010.

Picture of Riggs taken this past Easter 2010.

Here's Riggs with the kids this past Christmas 2009.

R.I.P. Riggs

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