Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off to a busy start...

This August has already kicked off a busy school year.  Both kids have been pretty worn out every day by the time they have come home from school and after school activities.  Both have before school activities too!  They sure are sleeping well at night!

Adam and I spent the day yesterday cleaning the furniture out of the dining room, and putting up a bed in there.  We are converting our formal dining room into a bed room, because on Thursday my Mom is moving in with us.  She has been ill, so I will get her some help with getting her to some medical appointments, and all that jazz.  We don't know how long she will be with us, but in a year, Brianna will be going off to college, so the formal dining room will only be "out of service" until next fall....at that time, we will move mom up to Bri's room, and Bri and her will share it during school breaks!

I have to go get a small TV stand for her, as well as a small dresser and lamp for her room.  So have a few more things to do before it's ready, hope to get that done tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest!

I did get a card assembled today, from one of my previously colored stamp images....and I finished another video for the upcoming retreat classes I'm going to be giving!  I realized I have only a few days left to get these done...so I'm going to have to do one each morning!  For those going to the Maryland Retreat, the video was on 3 copic blending techniques :)

Anyway, here is the card I put together....

Yes, I made her a little "out there" with the hair style.  I just felt like she had some trendy pizzazz going for her, and wanted to add that effect in with her hair color!  I colored this gal up when I was making a video on Brunette hair for my Copics class in September!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for stamp base, Scrap papers from Kaiser Craft
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black, London Fog), Smooch

STAMPS:  The Greeting Farm: Wild Sprout Ebony

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive 

MISC:  EK Success Corner Rounder (to make border), Scrap ribbon, Stamp Phrase unknown, Round It All, Rub On Frame (from supplies)

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques

Skin: E50, E51, E53, R12
Shirt:  G12, G14, G24, Gold Smooch
Skirt: G20, G21, G24
Hair: W2, W4, W6, W8, W10, G16
Headband: Gold Smooch
Hope you enjoy! 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Working with Copics

Ever since I started using copic markers, I have had such a great time working with them, and practicing my coloring techniques.  It's a lot of fun, and has allowed me to really enjoy my stamp collection so much more!

My son has gotten to telling people, when they ask what mom does, that his mom colors with markers all day long!  So I guess I'm a professional colorist!  Ha!

Anyway, I took the copic certification class last winter at CHA, and I'm gearing up to teach a copic class in Maryland this September!  I've decided to put together a series of videos to give to all the attendees, to help them review what we cover, over and over!  If it turns out good enough, I may post the series of videos in the store for purchase....we'll have to see if they turn out good enough or not!

Anyway, I'm still working at filling in my copic journal book with sample projects, and here is the latest that I finally finished up!

I enjoyed putting this one together...and again, all papers were from my scrap bin!  I had used these papers about 3 years ago for a "Through the Year" swap, where 12 people each had a month, and made 12 copies of their month, we swapped them out, and ended up with a full album, double page layout for every month of the year.  My month was June, so I used the blue and yellow paper to do a "beach" type theme.  I love the nice bright colors of that paper!!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black), Tea Dye Distress Ink

STAMPS:  Whiff of Joy: 2010 July Stamp Set - Life's a Beach

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive 

MISC:  Round It All, Scrap ribbon, Daisy Bucket Stamp Phrase, metal flower shaped paper clip

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques

Skin: E50, E51, E53, R12
Lips: R05
Clothes: FYG2, W05, FV2
Hair: W2, W4, W6, W8
Glasses: Fv2, W10
Towel: Y00, Y02, Y08, W2 (shadow)

Hope you Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blinging the Cell Phone case...

Where did last weekend go?

It went by WAY too fast, and now, we are already mid week and soon to be another weekend!

On Saturday, my daughter called, wanted me to put money in her bank account so she could buy breakfast for her and her friends....um...HELLO....she woke me up for that?  I told her I was in bed still sleeping, it was SATURDAY afterall, and 7:30 am was sleeping time!  Just because she had to get up early to run at practice doesn't mean I have to be up!  lol!

Later that day, we took her and her friends out on the boat....my son was probably in heaven, though he's at that age he wouldn't admit it....there is nothing like a group of 16/17 year olds to make a 12 year old boy smile!

It was great to spend the weekend out there!  The girls enjoyed tubing....we had a few wipeouts, but they are daredevils!

Yesterday, I got some Mickey Mouse Rubon's for the store...and I decided to use some on my cell phone case, to "bling" it out a little!  After I did the rubon, I then used crystal laquer on top to kind of seal it in!  I think it turned out cute!
I put it up on the upper left corner, so that my hand won't wear it down too fast! It turned out really nice, and brightened up my phone case!

I also worked on a card this week!

I used scrap papers on it again.....I don't think I'll ever get through my pile of scraps, seems I'm hardly making a dent!  lol!  But at least I'm using it, and will eventually get to a point where I can use my stash of newer papers!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for digi stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black), AtYou Spica
STAMPS:  Whiff of Joy: 2010 July Stamp Set - Life's a Beach

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive 

MISC:  Nestabilities: Mega Deckled Edge Rectangles, Tim Holtz Texture Fades: Burlap, Scrap ribbon, SEI Bridgeport Stickers 

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques
Hope you Enjoy!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What my husband learned about me last night....

Ha, it's not what you think!

He was down in my work room because he wanted me to cut some photo confetti for a friend of his who is retiring tomorrow (to be used on the tables in the reception hall....) So I told him I would do it if he helped....he has helped before with the making of the photo confetti, so he has a vague idea of what goes into it...and he wanted it done bad enough to help.

Well, while it was cutting on the machine, in between sending it through to the cutter (his job was to load the paper to the mat then to the machine and then to switch out mats and remove the cut pieces from the sticky mat)...I was working on cleaning out my work area.  I have been trying to clean one small cupboard or section at a time!

The section I had just gotten around to doing last night was the one containing my 12x12 project pouch that had my alphabet stickers.  Ummm....yes...there are a lot of them.  He wanted to know what I use them for.  I explained that they were mostly all "pre-diecutter machine" purchases, and that I used to use them to make titles and words on my scrapbook pages and cards.  Then he wondered why i needed so many of the same style/color.  So I had to explain it's because I use some letters more than once to make up a word or title, and so there weren't enough letters often times...so I tend to buy 5 sets of any letters in the same style/color.

He told me I was a "alphabet sticker hoarder" and I should probably seek help for my hoarding problems!  ROFLOL!  I told him not to worry, now that I have the diecut machines I have stopped buying alphabet stickers!  So in the long run, this was yet another way that I saved lots of money from our budget, because I was no longer compelled to hoard my alphabet stickers!  In fact, I don't think I have bought any in at least 5 years!  CRAZY!  The last time that organizer was out was when my daughter had a "scrapbooking party" with her cross country team mates and she brought it with so they could use the stickers in making their pages....I'll probably keep them around for a while longer....just because I keep telling myself I'll use them!  But I am going to make a pinky swear promise that if I don't use any by the end of the year, then in January, I'll personally walk them over to the elementary school across the street and donate them!

Good thing I wasn't going through my 12x12 paper bins last night...or he'd really think I have a hoarding problem!  Maybe I do....maybe I don't....I'm not telling......

Hope you Enjoy!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finishing up first full week of school...

And already, I can tell that our schedule is going to get busy!

Cameron is getting much more involved this year with school, which I am just loving!  So the extra time it will take for all these things, I'm happy about it!  Cameron is my shy child...when we were in Michigan, he really struggled with his school and issues with bullying.  In hindsight, I should have pulled him from school there and done homeschooling, but I felt that socialization was important.

Now I realize that Cameron just needed an opportunity to grow in a place he felt more comfortable!  We are slowly but surely getting our little character back!  He is auditioning for Jazz band for school and he joined the Cross Country team.  He also has plans to join a couple of the clubs in school too!  He also starts his faith building journey of confirmation this year.  A sign that he is growing into his own young adulthood!

Brianna is plugging away at her tough final year schedule, and has already had a pile of homework to sort through!  She will be singing the National Anthem tomorrow afternoon at a military ceremony...so I have to make sure I pick her up in time for that~yep, the schedules getting full!

The good news is both kids are in Cross Country, and they will have a couple of events that intertwine!  So we will get a couple opportunities to go to the events and see both of them run!  I never thought that would be possible, because of their age gap! 

So, I worked on one of those "scrapbook in a box" kits by SEI over the last couple days, as I got a few minutes here and there!  I just love those kits, because they are easy assembly, and the make a GREAT gift!  I've given several away over the past year!

I also decided to take one of my stamped images, and put it onto a card front.  I was kind of blank for ideas, so went through my bookmarked challenges online, and decided to follow the "sketch" from Friday's Sketchers.

It's a pretty simple sketch...and I was able to once again pull all the papers from my scrap bins!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for digi stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black)
STAMPS:  The Greeting Farm:  Wild Sprouts Ebony

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive 

MISC:  Nestabilities: Labels 1, Tim Holtz Texture Fades: Checkboard, Scrap ribbon, Color Me Crazy Flowers  

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques, Out of Bounds Technique

 Hope you Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's the beginning to an end....

Yep, today is the day....

It's the first day to the last year of high school for my baby girl!  What's so weird is that I remember my first day of my senior year of high school almost like it's yesterday....so it's hard to believe that my daughter is now old enough to be in her final year.  What's even harder is when I meet up with people from years ago, and their kids are in high school too...it just doesn't seem possible.

I remember the excitement I felt at it being my last year.  And I only hope that she gets to enjoy every moment of this year!  It's going to be a difficult one, because she has a tough class schedule.  She is taking two sciences, Med Bio and Advanced Physics, as well as Calculas, AP English and AP Government.  (AP classes are like dual credit courses, she had homework in these classes to do throughout the summer, and at the end of the school year, she will have college credit for them).

The question everyone already asks is where is she going to college and what does she want to do....oh boy!  Does anyone really truly know at that age?  lol!  I'm definitely on a different path than what I started out at my last year of high school....I hope she just enjoys this time...and doesn't worry to  much about the what ifs.

On to the crafting world....I didn't get a whole lot of crafting done, but I did finally get the last file done for the membership fundraiser we held for the Schwartz family.  I posted it yesterday...but here's a picture for those that haven't been to the forum yet!

It's a little "treat box" to use to put jewelry, mints, or whatever!  I air brushed mine after it was cut with some bright colors, but it would look good cut from patterned paper too!

Then, I didn't get a chance to "color" with my copics yesterday, but have another card from my earlier forays into coloring this summer and thought I would share it today!

This is from the Greeting Farm stamps set, Wild Sprouts: Ruby...and I used my scraps up with it...so I'm still plugging away at using up some scraps!

The Copic Recipe for the stamped image is:
Skin:  E0000, E000, E01
Dress: V0000, V00, V01, V04
Flower: YR23, Spica Gold
Shoes: V01, V04, V05
Hair: Y32, Y35, Y38

I also used a stamp by Daisy Bucket for the wording on the card, and some pink rhinestones I had on hand!

Hope you Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sad but proud tears....

Yes, today was a sad day, but oh so proud one for me!  My son started middle school today....I'm so proud of him, but he is my baby, and I was very sad after I dropped him off.  Though, he did pop over the car seat and gave me a quick kiss on his way out the car, so I guess I should still be happy he's not too grown up to not give his old lady a kiss!

He was a bit nervous about having a locker, switching classes and getting lost.  I told him all his friends are going to be nervous for the same thing, that it will go easier than he thinks!

It still makes me sad that he has grown up!  Tomorrow is going to be even worse...because tomorrow is the start of Brianna's LAST year in high school.  Though she is excited about it, I can't help but feel anxious!

This past week, we had a houseful of guests, but it was a lot of fun!  Adam's mom, 2 sisters, 1 niece, and 2 nephews spent the week here!  It was super hot, and so days out really wore us down...but a good time was had by all!

That means...I didn't get much done in the crafting sphere...but I have a couple more cards to share from my foray into the scrap bins!

I don't have a card recipe, as I didn't write the copic colors down on my journal....and I did this back in June when my friend Amy was visiting.

But the stamp is one of the Loralie Art Stamps we carry in the Paperthreads.com store.  The flowers are some of those color me crazy flowers that I airbrushed with my copics.  The background was just a bunch of scraps that I trimmed into strips and layered together.  I used some buttons that I had on hand in my button tub.

I really like this stamp...she is a lot of fun to color, and could be used for so many different occasions!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have you dug out your Scraps?

Have you been motivated enough to pull out your scraps?

Here is what I figure, if I can make 20 cards out of my scraps, then I can go out and treat myself to a new sheet or two of some of my favorite papers!  Teeheee...so using scraps is about allowing you a chance to have an excuse for needing more paper!

Here's today's scrap sampler!

PAPERS:  Detail Blending for digi stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black)
STAMPS:  Stampavie: Penny Johnson Butterfly Bear

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive 

MISC:  Nestabilities: Labels 10, Vellum Quote (from scraps), Plum Blossom Embossing Folder Set, Tsukineko Shimmer Spritz - Sparkle, Scrap ribbon

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques

Here's a closeup picture of the stamped image, so hopefully you can see the sparkle spritz I applied!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I dug out of the scrap bins...

So, here is another card I made from things I dug out of the scrap bins!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for digi stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black), At You Spica Glitter Pens
STAMPS:  CC Designs: Swiss Pixies Nurse Nora,  phrase stamp from Daisy Bucket

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive , Pop Dots

MISC:  Bottle Caps, Rubon Adhesives

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques

Hair: E13, E17, E18, E19
Hat: C00, R24, R89, C01,0
Dress: C00 C01, 0, R24, R89
Nurse Bag: C01, C04, C00, R89, Silver Spica
Wings: C0 BG10
Boots: R24, R89
Skin:  E000, E01, E02
Earrings: Lipstick At You Spica

Hope you Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking a look at my scrap bins...

Many of us have a method for storing our scraps...and through the years, I have tried a variety of methods, and so far, the method I have been using for about 4 years now seems to be the best method for how I craft!

I have tried the binder method, with scraps stored in protective sleeves.  I have also tried the accordion file method.  While they were a bit more portable, it seemed that it would bend and catch my scraps, or it was just too much work to dig through them for me.

So I eventually moved to this "bin/drawer" method about 4 years ago.  I picked them up at the local office supply store, and these here are the ones for 8.5" x 11" paper.  I also use these bins to store my full sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper.

Here are the bins I use...(i use the top of the bins to store my smooch, glimmer mist, fuzzy fur powders and more things like that.

And above are close ups of the labels on the drawers.  I sort my scraps by the following categories:

  • Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange
  • Blue, Green, Purple
  • Brown, Cream, White, Gray, Black
  • Vellums/Specialty
  • Printed Papers
  • Plaids and Stripes
  • Holiday

I separate my plaids and stripes from the rest of the printed papers, because I tend to use a lot of that type of paper, so I like to keep them separated, so it's easier to sort.

I can pop the drawers out and put them on my desk space to dig through the scraps....so it makes it easy to go through the bins and search for the scraps for my project.

Hope this helps inspire you to organize and start using your own scraps!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy August...summer is almost over....

Boo Hoo!  Can't believe it, we are in the final countdown of summer being over!

Can't believe it, we have officially been here for over a year, and are now gearing up for the start of our second school year here in Nebraska!

Adam and I got to talking, and we decided that it was time to spoil ourselves with a special buy!  We went out last week and purchased a NEW BED!  Goodbye Queen, Hello King!  It's actually Grandma's fault, she put a king sized bed up in her spare bedroom, so when I visit there, I get spoiled by that big bed.  And I finally talked Adam into it!  The last time we purchased a bed for us was in 1996.  So I guess we got our monies worth out of that previous bed!

We went for something a bit more firm, and it was great for me last night, though we had to switch the room around, so we are sleeping on a different side of the room, which makes it feel like we aren't in our own bed...yet!  I'm sure within the week we will be doing great and it will soon feel like home!

Kids like it, they seem to think they need to hang out in our room and watching TV now....lol, have to kick them out just to go to bed!

So...about that school thing....how soon until your kids are back to the grind?  We go back on the 16th...before that, we have family coming in for one last "visit" so we hope to get some more fun in before the routine sets in.

I've still been using up the pieces in my scrap bin.  I talk about my scraps a lot, so maybe tomorrow I'll share a picture of how I organize them!

In the mean time, here's todays card!


PAPERS:  Detail Blending for digi stamp base, Scrap papers
INKS:  Copics, Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black)
STAMPS:  Stampavie: Two Cute Bunnies

ADHESIVE:  3M Adhesive, Scor Tape

MISC:  ribbon scrap, Charm scraps

TECHNIQUES: Copic Coloring Techniques (fur...I hope to have a video on this within the next couple of weeks!)

Here's a little close up of the fur that I have done on the bunnies.

Hope you Enjoy!!

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