Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delta finally did it right and a FREEBIE to those playing bingo!

So, I start my post out with some good news!  It's a little bit of a story, so bear with me!

My Grandmother bought a plane ticket to come to Omaha on July 11.  She was originally going to drive out in August (it's a solid 13 hour drive, and she is 82, so a drive like that can take a toll!) to see my mom, as you know, my mom was ill.

Then, I called her and told her that I thought Mom was more ill than we first suspected, and their estimation of 6 months to a year weren't going to happen, that I felt it would be 6 weeks.  So she changed her mind, and on the 26th of June, bought a plane ticket for July 11th.

Then, as you all know, it didn't take weeks, but rather days.  So my Grandmother ended up getting in her car and driving (with my uncle and aunt) to make it to my house just before mom passed. (they drove through the night!)

So, then we had this plane ticket that wasn't going to be used, and cost her almost $700!

I sent a letter to Delta, along with as much information as I could, and a copy of my mom's death certificate.  We didn't think we would get anything, but were hoping they would maybe at least put her ticket on hold, and for a small fee she could use it at a later time. we got a notice that Delta was going to reimburse her $552 of the almost $600!!

Needless to say, she is so happy to have some of that money back!  And I have to give them credit, they worked with us nicely, and helped us out!

On another more fun note!!  We have a new game starting up in the Paperthreads forum, for the September Bingo!

IF we get 15 people signed up to play for September, then I will give EVERYONE my new file I'm working on in the All Boxed Up series, this one is a Halloween Bat Box!

Here is a rough picture of the basic shape of the box for you to see what you can get for signing up!

So...make sure you pass the word along, so we get enough signed up and you all can get the file for free!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011's not a soap opera!

Though, some days, it does feel like my story can make it to the soap's story line!

We went to this really beautiful wedding on August 6.  Just right when the bride walked down the isle, my phone buzzed.  It was a call from my cousin in California.  Normally she texts, not calls.

A little bit later I got two more calls...but I was at this wedding, sitting at the front, and knew I couldn't just get up and walk out!

As soon as the wedding was done, I got out of the church, and called my cousin back.

My dad had a heart attack, was taken by ambulance, they had to do CPR for over 20 minutes.  Loaded him onto the ambulance, and drove him in.  They had to do CPR one more time on the way in, and he was "down" another 30 minutes before they got a pulse back.  He was now on life support. brother and his family was up for this wedding, we all talked, and weren't sure what to do.  Remember, I had just been to New Jersey in June to get my mom, brought her back, and had all those expenses plus her cremation and the trip to ND to bury our savings is running I have a kid moving out to college soon.

After talking to my husband, we decided we would drive out to California, but is is a 24 hour drive.  We prepared to leave on Sunday, doing laundry and packing up.  On Saturday night, the Dr's had decided to do therapeutic hypothermia.  The Dr's told us not to expect much, that they were mainly doing it to prove there was no brain activity, so we could make a decision on removing him from life support.  That we would know more after 24 hours of body cooling.

They started to warm him Sunday responses from him.

Monday, we decided to fly instead, as it was cheaper to fly out of Minneapolis rather than out of Omaha, and even waiting a day to fly, we would still get there hours sooner than if we had driven. So we left and drove to Minneapolis.  Stayed the night there, and flew out of there Tuesday bright and early.  All this time, there is still no response from my dad, other than he had started having seizures when they started to warm his body.

Tuesday, we land in California at noon, headed straight to the hospital.  He was still on life support.  He was moving his body, but it seemed to be random movement (like when someone is in a vegetative state and have movement)  We talked to him, told him we were there, and he had tears coming out of his eyes, but he couldn't make eye contact, and his movements weren't seeming to be controlled by him.  But the fact that he had tears made us feel like he knew it was us and was able to understand.  We could only visit for a couple minutes at a time, and only two people in the room at a time.  So we each had our turn, and then left to check into the hotel.

We took time at the hotel to shower and clean up, went back to the hospital, and by this time, it was dinner time.  He had improved enough that they pulled his breathing tubes!  He was still not able to focus on us with his eyes, but we talked to him, and it seemed he understood what we were saying.

The next day, he was asking what happened...seemed he couldn't remember beyond about 5 minutes of time, but he was able to talk (with a little help of remembering words).  He knew who we were, and we had limited conversation with him!  By afternoon, he was talking and able to control his movements.  They did an angiogram, but couldn't find blockage.  They did find that his heart was having spasms. 

By Thursday, he was up out of bed with the help of a physical therapist...talking, and able to find the words a bit easier, plus he had remembered we were there the day before!  At about 6 pm they moved him out of CICU and into a normal room.

On Friday, he was begging to be let out of the hospital to be able to spend more time with us!  He was up moving around, still some problems with word recall, but it was very limited!  We spent several hours with him, visiting.  We had to say our good byes though, as we had to fly out Saturday morning to head back home.  They wouldn't release him, as they wanted to put a defibrillator in on Monday....

We flew back with my brother on Saturday....then drove the additional 6 hours home on Saturday night.....

Yesterday...they put the defibrillator in...and today they are releasing him from the hospital! 

The whole time we were visiting with him, the Dr's and Nurses were coming in and kept saying they couldn't believe it, that they had to come in and see if for themselves.....he had not only lived, but his brain was functioning and he was expected to have a full recovery!  They didn't expect him to come out of the coma, let alone have a functioning brain!

Anyway....what a way to end a whirlwind of a summer.  I have been to the eastern shores all the way across to the western shore this summer....none of it planned travel!  We have had a lot of ups and downs, from hospitalizations and death to dance recitals, baptisms and weddings!

There is only so much more a body can take....I have definitely had my share! 

It's truly a blessing he lived...and now lets hope he sticks to his promise to visit everyone the rest of the family can see him before anything more happens!

Here is a picture of us with him that last day in the hospital before we had to fly out!

Pictured above are: Andy(brother), Andy(dad), Me, Brianna(daughter), Cameron(son)

Here was the wedding we were at...
Pictured above are:  Adam(husband), Cameron, Kimberly(bride), Me, Brianna

And, while we were in California, we stopped in and had dinner with my sister and brother that live is a picture of us with their parents:
Picture above: Jesse, Rosemary, Michael(brother), me, Cinnamon(sister), Andy

It was great to be able to see them....though not the best picture of all of us!!

Since we have been back, Cameron had his first day of 8th grade yesterday...and Brianna has been busy packing for college, she moves out on Thursday!!

Lots to do...and so little time!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cabbage and ink?

So...I wouldn't have thought of this!

Years ago, I learned how to carve a potato to make a potato stamp....and that was a lot of fun!

Today, I was browsing the link took me to another...just random browsing things on the pages that seemed to be interesting...and I ran across this picture!!


I love the final look on it!  I then tried to research this, and see if I could come up with information, or even the original blog/website that this might have come from...and found more pictures!

Here is a site to check out how this crafty person used cabbage for stamping:

No pictures at this site, but directions are here:

I eventually found the original was showcased on Martha is the orignal links:

Maybe this will kick start some creativity!!

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