Friday, January 13, 2012

Embossing on the KNK Zing

So, as many of you know...I was busy over the holiday making gifts in time for Christmas and with the new release of our newest model machine, the KNK Zing.

Today, I did a quick video showing how to use the Embossing Tool on the KNK Zing!  I love how it turned out, and hopefully will have the finished embossed piece on a project to show you sometime soon!

Hope you enjoyed that video!! show some of the other projects I made this are some of the tumblers I etched onto those plastic tumbler cups!  So much fun to do, and when my nieces and nephews opened their cups, by the end of the evening, they all had their favorite beverages poured in them and were using it!

To make them, you need:
  • Tumbler (I got mine from Discount Mugs, but you can find them at Bed Bath and other places!)
  • Vinyl (scrap colors will do!)
  • Etching materials (I used a sand etcher, but etching creme will work too!
  • Cutting machine
  • pattern
For the pattern, I looked up tribal art graphics online, the font I used is one of my favs, called Duality.  I cut the pattern in the vinyl, weeded out the design, leaving me with the "inverse" pattern.  Put it onto the tumbler, then etched!  Removed the vinyl, and ended up with the looks above!

Here is a picture of some of the tumblers covered in the vinyl before etching! think of what I want to do with that embossed foil piece I made today....hmmmm.....


  1. Is this craft foil found in popular hobby stores?

    I really liked the video! Thank You for doing one!

  2. Yes, it's craft foil I cut into 6x6 sheets. It's heavier than kitchen foil.

  3. Those personalized cups are BRILLIANT! What a great gift idea...TFS!

  4. So, you can use the regular etch stuff on plastic too? Oh dear me, I feel some etching coming on!

  5. Great job on those cups! I love making things unique for my kids (helps avoide arguements too!). I'm going to have to give this a whirl!

  6. Terrific idea! Thanks so much for doing the video! I need as much guidance and as many ideas as I can get!


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